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grandma ain’t get ran over by no bitch ass reindeer. not this year


So every morning I get off the train and start my 20 minute walk to work, and there’s this guy who’s always like 3 steps ahead of me and always beats me to the street corner bc I get stopped by the light and he passes it. but today I was ahead of him for the first time and he RUNS in front of me, turns around and goes “I’ve been winning for 2 months now, can’t stop now, have a good day, see you tomorrow.”  tmrw I swear i’m wearing running shoes to work. 

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RJ, Brazil. May 8, 2014.


is it data or data

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Me: *ignores boy*
Boy: *posts picture lookin good*
Me: hey sorry I was asleep what’s up 😍

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Have to love her, even though we drive each other crazy at times